Running Goals? We've got you.

Prepare to crush your Spring and Summer running goals with our new 13-week 16km/Tely10 and Learn to Run Training Programs!

Whether you're completely new to running or a seasoned runner, we're ready to help you tackle the upcoming season.

There are two options available: a 16km/Tely10 Training Program (in-person and/or virtual) and a Learn To Run program (in-person and/or virtual).⁠ Both programs take place over 13 weeks starting April 19th. Keep reading to learn which program is the best fit for you.

If you're already a Virtual Bootcamp member, rest assured that any available run club program is designed to compliment the Virtual Bootcamp Program!

Which program is right for me?

Learn more about our program offerings to determine which option would best suit your needs.

  • For either option, ensure that you are able to commit to a 13-week program.

  • Both programs are available virtually - so there are no location requirements. Both programs will also have optional in-person group runs each week in the Metro St. John's area (1 per week for Learn To Run and 3 per week for 16km/Tely 10 Program).

  • Always wanted to safely learn how to run? The Learn To Run program is a great option that requires no base and will help you build up to comfortably being able to run 5km.

  • Returning to running post-injury? Depending on your injury and previous running history, the Learn To Run program might be a great fit to get you back out there! If you have specific questions, please reach out to us at

  • Planning on running the Tely 10 race (or a similar 16km race) this summer? The 16km/Tely 10 training program is perfect for anyone who wants to build or re-build and run the race this year! This program requires a 5km base.

  • Not looking to run the Tely 10 race, but interested in building up to a 10km or 16km distance? If you have a 5km base, the 16km/Tely 10 Training program would be a great fit.

How does it work?

  • Access Programming Online

    Through our online platform, you will be able to access your program for the week a few days in advance. If you already have an account on our online platform, you will use the same account to access the Run Club programming!

  • Complete Your Runs & Get Support

    Follow Coach Tanya's safe, progressive approach at your own pace and according to your own schedule! Additionally, you'll have the option with either program to complete in-person runs in the Metro St. John's area with a group participating in the same program as you (3 runs per week for the 16km/Tely 10 Program, and 1 run per week for the Learn To Run Program).

  • Stay Connected & Achieve Your Goals

    Work towards your goals over the course of 13 weeks! As Virtual Bootcamp members will tell you, we believe that community is everything. The same holds true for Whelan Wellness Run Club. You will have access to our private members-only Run Club Facebook group to share your successes, stay motivated, and lift each other up. After all, together we are better!

Ready to Register?

Select the button next to your preferred program and complete the registration page to sign up!

Learn To Run Program

$79 (tax incl.) for 13 Weeks Starting April 19th

Whether you've always wanted to safely learn how to run, or you are looking to return to running post injury, this program is a great fit for you. There's no base required to join this program - just an open mind.

16km/Tely 10 Training Program

$79 (tax incl.) for 13 Weeks Starting April 19th

Got goals? Whether you've got your eye set on running the Tely 10 race (or a comparable 16km race), or want to build up to a 16km distance, this program is sure to help you get there. Base of 5km required.

Meet Your Coach

Tanya Jones

I started coaching at a local gym around 6 years ago and upon their closure, I continued coaching various clinics with our founded group name Team Torrential. These clinics included: Learn to Run, 5K clinics, Half Marathon, Tely 10, and Cape to Cabot. I started running in 2009 and it has brought so many amazing inspiring people into my life. I am the runner I am today because of the amazing running community I am fortunate enough to have around me! Running has taken me places I would otherwise not have gone. I am every day grateful for the ability to run! I love helping others put one foot in front of the other, stepping out of comfort zones, and crushing their goals.
Tanya Jones, Instructor of Whelan Wellness Run Club