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Thousands of people globally have developed a connection with Gill through her Virtual Bootcamp program, Run Club programs, For The Well Of It podcast, and social media. 

The consensus? Her presence is captivating and her words are intensely inspiring. She has a way of making you feel like she's speaking directly to you, even in a room full of people. 

If you're looking for a speaker that will entertain, inspire, and motivate, then you've come to the right place.

Meet Gill

Gill Whelan is the founder and owner of Whelan Wellness Inc., and creator of the Whelan Wellness Virtual Bootcamp program: a holistic approach to Wellness. She works with clients globally to improve their wellness in order to grow into their absolute best selves, and live a purposeful and fulfilling life. She also hosts the podcast titled "For the Well of it", serving up powerful doses of every day inspiration.


Gill is on a mission to shift the way we look at wellness, in order to rebuild relationships with food and fitness and help us learn to love our present selves - inside and out. Based on her journey to overcoming her own experiences with restrictive dieting and body image issues, she developed a 4-pillar system that is helping thousands of others globally accomplish the same. Leadership is Gill's middle name, and she does so passionately and unapologetically, and thrives on helping other leaders grow and develop to their full potential.


Gill has studied under experts in fitness, health, nutrition, mindset, and overall wellness all over the world. Based on this knowledge, she has spent 11 years as a coach in the fitness industry and 25 years gaining more general coaching experience. Gill holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Memorial University in St. John’s, NL.


As a trailblazer in the world of leadership, motivational speaking, online connection and holistic wellness, Gill has been recognized by VOCM, CBC, Rogers TV, CTV news, NTV News, Atlantic Business Magazine, Best Health Magazine and All Newfoundland and Labrador. 

In both 2021 and 2022 Whelan Wellness won the top platinum level awards in St. John's Community Votes in all categories: Nutrition & Weight Loss, Fitness Centres & Gyms, and Personal Trainer. In 2021 Gill was also recently awarded an Entrepreneur of the Year award through NLOWE, in the category of Momentum.

Hear Gill in Action

2021 NLOWE Momentum Award

Comments from Past Event Participants

57th Annual Memorial Business Day

Alyssa Organ

"Gill recently spoke at our 57th Annual Memorial Business Day and we cannot recommend her enough! Gill was genuine, knowledgeable, and inspiring. She provided a fresh perspective on the fitness industry, finding your own unique path, and how to have confidence in yourself. She also made sure to build our event theme into her presentation, which made the whole experience feel more personal for us and our event attendees. We would love to hear Gill speak again if given the chance!"

Dental Retreat & Continuing Education

Dr. Debbie Delaney

"It was truly refreshing and relevant, especially during the emotional demanding toll COVID forced on our lives, to have Gill enlighten and redirect our thoughts and energy towards a more positive approach. Her unique 4 pillar system for success and her drive to help so many globally to achieve wellness, balance and happier, healthier lives is so powerful that her talk made a profound impact on each one of us. Gill’s concepts on fitness, diets, wellness, and overall mindset were so passionately presented and thought-provoking. The attendees also had an opportunity to participate in her HIIT cardio class, known as a Friday Funday workout, at the Inn. I can honestly say the energy in that room in the early hours on a Friday morning was phenomenally charging. Participating in both the workout and talk on such an inspiring message truly had you leaving the weekend a 'better version of yourself'. Gill, thank you for such an inspiring, fun weekend!"


Carolyn O'Keefe

"Gill’s presentation to IABC members was fantastic. She is an expert in health and wellness, and provided us with many useful tips for improving self-care. Her talk was insightful, informative, and engaging. Thanks Gill!"

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